Countdown to Grand Prix Atlanta!

Welcome to Grand Prix Atlanta!

On Friday, September 29th, the eagerly anticipated Magic: The Gathering expansion spotlighting Chandra’s home plane of Kaladesh will be released upon the world.

And just one week later, on the weekend of October 7th-9th, thousands of fans will descend upon the Southeast U.S. for the first major limited-format event featuring the all-new Kaladesh expansion when proudly presents Grand Prix Atlanta! Grand Prix always feature a robust roster of special guests, and Atlanta’s will feature fan-favorite cosplayers Christine Sprankle and Vanessa Martin – along with the incredibly talented Magic: The Gathering artists Victor Adame Minguez, Jesper Myrfors, Jason A. Engle, Douglas Shuler, Dan Frazier, rk post, Mark Poole, Steve Argyle, Noah Bradley, and Guest of Honor Terese Nielsen!

Grand Prix Atlanta attendees will have a chance to buy, sell and trade with sixteen of the world's premier Magic: The Gathering vendors, and have access to a massively expanded side event schedule that includes TWO Super Invitational Qualifiers; each of which will award loads of Prize Wall tickets and TWO invites to an upcoming Invitational (where you can now qualify for the Magic: The Gathering Pro Tour)!

Once again, we’ll be offering our fan-favorite Infinite Challenge registration packages, but this time it will come with an added bonus – all of Friday’s Challenge events will also be Grand Prix Atlanta Trials, with each offering participants a chance to earn highly coveted byes in Saturday’s Main Event!

Speaking of which, we’ve made a few significant changes to Grand Prix Atlanta’s Main Event registration package with the goal of improving the overall player experience at Grand Prix.

To start, we’ve given our Show Up & Play! experience a massive facelift - incorporating the Sleep-In Special service that we've previously offered separately and offering all Main Event participants the opportunity to construct their sealed decks shortly before their first scheduled round of play.

All Main Event participants will also receive a preregistered sealed pool. Earlier this year, we experimented with this concept at Grand Prix Washington DC, and although it was a massive undertaking for our internal staff, the amount of time saved during the Main Event, combined with the extent to which the convenience of receiving a preregistered sealed pool enhanced the player experience, made running it back at future limited-format Grand Prix a no-brainer.

Grand Prix always offer fans a chance to get their hands on some awesome swag, and for those joining us at Grand Prix Atlanta, that swag includes a Stoneforge Mystic foil promotional card and an exclusive playmat!

However, please note that the exclusive Grand Prix Atlanta playmat will only be included as part of Grand Prix Atlanta’s Main Event registration package until 11:59pm on Friday, September 9th. After that time, you will still be able to register for the Main Event until 9pm on Friday, October 7th, but simply won’t receive a playmat as part of your Main Event registration package. This change was made to ensure that everyone planning on participating in the Main Event would still have an opportunity to receive Grand Prix Atlanta's exclusive playmat as part of their Main Event registration package, while simultaneously incentivizing those fans to register approximately a month in advance so we can better plan the event and enhance the overall experience for everyone in attendance.

Don’t delay – register for Grand Prix Atlanta today!

Best wishes,

Pete Hoefling

Premier Tournament Organizer, Grand Prix Atlanta